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Lab Members, October 2018

Lab Members Oct, 2020

Paloma de Leon: I like science because it allows us to discover how the human body works, how we can fight the different pathologies that come with it, and how to improve our quality of life. I joined this lab because it gives me the opportunity of improving my critical reasoning, teamwork abilities, and practical skills. I am pursuing a career in the medical field, and I believe scientific laboratories are were discoveries of medical advancements begin.


Daniela Cruz: I like Science because it helps us know the unknown and without it, we couldn’t understand the world. Science can be challenging to understand, but our interest and curiosity makes things possible to know. I joined this lab because I am interested in teamwork, as well as to practice my critical and communicative skills. I really like Dr. Lopez-Juarez lab because it challenges us to understand neuroscience and how everything that we do is connected to the brain.


Luis Antonio Sanchez: Science is a fascinating field study not only for researchers but for students as well. Human behavior is poorly understood and many questions behind why humans behave the way they do are in need of answers.  What better way to try to answer said questions by implementing the use of modern-day technology and medicine to dive into research. Dr. Lopez-Juarez's methods of teaching are different in the way that, as a researcher himself, he encourages us to find said answers by introducing new methods that I for one, had never seen before.  

Delilah Moreno: Science has always been interesting to me and I believe it started with an interest in chemicals, and why they work the way they do. My knowledge has grown since then and has expanded to more complex diseases, and being taught about the aspects that go into diseases and gaining knowledge on how neurological disorders work is very interesting and the reason for joining this lab.  Science is stimulating and forever changing; just like research.

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