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Lab Members, October 2018

Lab Members Oct, 2023

Research is a fascinating discipline in science that caught my interest and motivated me to join this lab. Thanks to joining this lab, I have learned various lab techniques, but most importantly, I understand the reason behind how we do things. A few of my favorite things about being in the lab include being challenged with new concepts/tasks, learning from my lab mates, and expanding my knowledge through reading and discussions with our mentor.
-    Celeste Martinez


As a premed, it is a given that I’ve always been intrigued by science. However, I joined Dr. Lopez-Juarez’s lab because I was motivated to expand my neuroscience knowledge. During my time in the lab, I have learned the importance of curiosity and how research allows me to pursue my passion for science. Along with this, I have learned many techniques and gained various experiences that have shaped me into the young scientist that I am. Without these experiences, I would not have realized the importance of animal research or how much I enjoy the critical thinking that sets the foundation for research.
-    Carlos Cisneros

In the Spring of 2023, I had independent research with Dr. Lopez-Juarez. This class presented itself as challenging and intimidating. However, my curiosity struck me as we began reading papers that challenged my mind and allowed me to form hypotheses. I became very intrigued by the science behind the neuroscience we studied in class. The opportunity to join Dr. Lopez-Juarez lab has expanded my knowledge immensely. I’ve been introduced to several research methods, such as genotyping, confocal microscopy, quantification, and much more. The lab environment and the people I met have played a huge role in making me feel welcomed and expanding my mind outside of the box it was in before I joined the lab. 

-    Kaelah Araiza


Being intimidated, I shied away from joining a research lab for most of my undergraduate career. I thought of myself as not as capable as my fellow classmates, which was one of the reasons why I never allowed myself to search for new opportunities. One thing I knew for sure was my passion for neuroscience. I never saw myself working in a lab, much less working with animals, but I was comfortably made incorrect the moment I joined this lab. Getting the opportunity to learn and grow alongside my fellow classmates who are exceptional, talented, and encouraging, has been the best experience in my time here. The idea of not being as knowledgeable as others was quickly extinguished. Instead, the Lopez-Juarez lab embodies the culture of patience and understanding and has taught me that failure is crucial to success.
-    Kelli Garza

Joining this lab has been an excellent experience for me. Throughout my years here, I have gained the necessary skills such as critical thinking, teamwork, organization, and responsibility that will expand my knowledge in science required for all my future career goals.
-    Daniella Hernandez



I joined the lab in the spring semester of 2023 after having Dr. Lopez-Juarez as a professor for Independent Research. He enlightened our interest by introducing us to the research community. Week after week, we analyzed articles, learned new methods, and created theories and opinions. The opportunity of joining Dr. Lopez-Juarez lab has opened more doors to me than I would’ve imagined. We have learned various skills, from genotyping to staining to caring for mice and everything in between. Most importantly, he encourages curiosity and pushes us out of our comfort zones to get more involved in research.
-    Ana Gutierrez

I joined Dr. Lopez-Juarez’s research lab because I found the research to be interesting, but also to learn to think and practice my teamwork skills critically. In the lab, we do many things, from PCR tests to working with animals, but my favorite part of the lab, by far, is working with the other members and getting tasks done as a team. With Dr. Lopez-Juarez’s guidance, I’ve been able to practice not only my technical lab skills but also learn to be a better team member and critically problem-solve.
-    Vijay Radhakrishna


I applied to Dr. Lopez-Juarez ’s lab primarily due to my interest in neuroscience, a subject I have always been eager to explore further, and my desire to engage in research, a field I had never ventured into. Fortunately, I am glad of my choice, as it has granted me invaluable experiences and skills in the laboratory. My responsibilities include mastering various laboratory techniques to collect data and responsibly working with animals. Polymerase Chain Reactions (PCR) and gel electrophoresis are standard methods that are essential in the laboratory. What I value most about the lab is the welcoming environment, which significantly enhanced my research experience.
-    Daniel Zayed


I joined Dr. Lopez-Juarez’s lab in the Fall of 2021 because of my profound interest in neuroscience research. I find the brain’s complexity and intricacy fascinating. A small change from minor damage or changes in environmental factors can lead to significant alterations to the brain structure, leading to changes in normal function and behavior. Dr. Lopez-Juarez’s lab offered an excellent opportunity to study the effects of the Nf1 mutation in oligodendrocytes and learning. What I’ve learned can be broken down into two separate parts. I was introduced to DNA extraction, polymerase chain reaction, and gel electrophoresis during my first year. I was introduced to immunostaining, confocal microscopy, and cell quantification during my second year. What I appreciate most about the lab is that the learning never stops. Once you become well-versed in a particular area, you’ll be introduced to other techniques and learn to perform them. So, in this way, you’ll develop into a well-rounded researcher.
-    Saul Lopez


Lab Members Oct, 2020

Paloma de Leon: I like science because it allows us to discover how the human body works, how we can fight the different pathologies that come with it, and how to improve our quality of life. I joined this lab because it gives me the opportunity of improving my critical reasoning, teamwork abilities, and practical skills. I am pursuing a career in the medical field, and I believe scientific laboratories are were discoveries of medical advancements begin.


Daniela Cruz: I like Science because it helps us know the unknown and without it, we couldn’t understand the world. Science can be challenging to understand, but our interest and curiosity makes things possible to know. I joined this lab because I am interested in teamwork, as well as to practice my critical and communicative skills. I really like Dr. Lopez-Juarez lab because it challenges us to understand neuroscience and how everything that we do is connected to the brain.


Luis Antonio Sanchez: Science is a fascinating field study not only for researchers but for students as well. Human behavior is poorly understood and many questions behind why humans behave the way they do are in need of answers.  What better way to try to answer said questions by implementing the use of modern-day technology and medicine to dive into research. Dr. Lopez-Juarez's methods of teaching are different in the way that, as a researcher himself, he encourages us to find said answers by introducing new methods that I for one, had never seen before.  

Delilah Moreno: Science has always been interesting to me and I believe it started with an interest in chemicals, and why they work the way they do. My knowledge has grown since then and has expanded to more complex diseases, and being taught about the aspects that go into diseases and gaining knowledge on how neurological disorders work is very interesting and the reason for joining this lab.  Science is stimulating and forever changing; just like research.

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